About Us

Safe Gas Cylinders Ltd was Established 10 years ago from the remnants of the Bernard Hastie and Co.

This company provided shot blasting and paint coating services to local companies along with gas cylinder inspection and testing services to the major packaged gas supply companies for over 100 years.

During the start of the recession in 2009 the long standing company was forced to liquidate. The current director who acquired the remnants of the business saw an opportunity for growth and the potential in the sector. The Morfa Road site had been sold to developers and Safe Gas Cylinders Ltd was forced to relocate.

Requiring a large site for gas cylinder management, In 2011 an opportunity arose to purchase part of the former Ford Motor factory on Fabian way. 6 acres of land was acquired along with several buildings which are now used for gas cylinder and pressure drum inspection and testing activities.

The company has enjoyed a long association with many major packaged gas companies including the BOC, now a part of the Linde Group, who apart from being in the propane gas market are a major ‘world class’ player in industrial and specialist gases.

Safe Gas Cylinders Ltd also offer their specialist Cylinder and Drum tank refurbishment to major Refrigerant Gas suppliers where internal cleanliness is of paramount importance.

Specialist high quality finishing/banding is also available for cylinders, including Medical and Food Fresh High Pressure Cylinders.

Bernard Hastie originally obtained a contract from Air Products for treatment of their gas cylinders.

Over the following years and to date the Company, having since become Safe Gas Cylinders Ltd, now offers a complete Cylinder & Drum Tank refurbishment service which includes; pressure testing to current British & European standards, stencilling, tare weighing, in addition to the basic requirements of safe de-gassing, shot-blasting, metal spraying and painting/powder coating

Safe Gas Cylinders Ltd is an accredited Type A Notified Body allowing us to apply the Pi π stamp to pressure drums without the need for third party surveillance.